Why a School Project in Bangladesh?

More than 50 % of the current population are illiterate.
To go to school is free, but parents have to pay for text books, school uniform and student materials. Children often need additional lessons because illiterate parents are unable to support the learning progress of their children.

Additional lessons cost money. The cost of regular schooling sums up to about 100 Euros per year.
Low earning parents are unable to pay the above amount - providing for family needs is the top priority.

Their children miss out on a quality education. Without formal school education children have no chance to escape the cycle of poverty.Poverty is passed on to the next generation.

Teacher with children

Education enables young adults to be articulate and participate in the social, political and economic development of Bangladesh.

To express personal interests in public and to stand up for their legal rights people need a quality education.
Quality education can throw a light on and prevent fanatical religious and political developments.
Local Bangladeshis advised us that better education is a key to the development of their community.