Finance and structure of our project

The structure of this small project is non-bureaucratic, personal and sustainable.

Sponsor Franziska Bosse gives english lessons in the Highschool

A rather small circle of currently 50 sponsors, taking on direct sponsorships for children, is generally acting based on long-term commitment and a focus on sustainability.

With their funding, we can cover running costs like teachers' salaries and school equipment for the children.






We also organize informative and cultural fundraising events, centered around Bangladesh and our school project

All proceeds from these events are being used entirely and exclusively to finance the school project. Donations are also most welcome.





Sponsor Juergen Hans speaks with Mr. Hashan

The bookkeeper of the Jasimuddin Museum at Ambikapur managed by Dr. Jamal Anwar passes on the money for textbooks, school uniforms and monthly expenses of the additional lessons according to demand.


Travel expenses are of course paid individually by members of organizer team.