Projects 2012

Renovation of the elementary school in Ambikapur.

In April 2012, the local government of Faridpur provided funds to renovate the elementary school in Ambikapur. The renovation, which included reinforcing the roof and plastering and painting the inside classroom walls, continued until mid-october.

This was a substantial improvement of the working and learning environment for both teachers and pupils.



The smaller building, in which the preschool classes are taught, was yet left unrenovated. Here, children are taught the alphabet in playful lessons, and are allowed to paint, draw and play freely.

Thanks to a generous donation, SchoolsIn could finance the renovation of this smaller building. A new roof was installed, along with a new door and new window shutters. The walls were plastered and painted.

Since there is money left over, some of the school's furniture will be renewed in time.

Surprisingly for the SchoolsIn-team, the building was subsequently renamed "Villa Kunterbunt", Pippi Longstocking's home in the famous children's novel by Astrid Lindgren.
We want to thank Suse sincerely for her donation that made the renovation of the preschool building possible.

It is also a great pleasure to state that by now, 22 sponsors are members of our little school project.

With their help, we could take on 25 children in our program and help finance their education.
The amount of donations we could raise this year was also more than satisfying.

In February, members of the organizational team will visit Ambikapur again to confer with teachers and headmasters about the possibilities and opportunities for further improvements to the school.

In the beginning of May, we will invite all sponsors, members and supporters to come together for a dinner. The organizational team will report about the development of our project and about the employment of donations and sponsorship contributions.


Naturally, there will be a little presentation with pictures from Bangladesh as well.

Until then, we send out big Thank You to all of you who support the schools in Bangladesh. We wish you a happy and successful 2013.

Your "SchoolsIn Ambikapur"-team:
Guido, Jamal, Julia, Marc, Franzi, Zosch.