Projects 2013

Repair works in Ambikapur High School's computer room.

The electrical system of the high school computer room had to be renewed. Insufficiently insulated wires and and defective outlets resulted in damages to the computers.

All damaged computers could be repaired and were additionally mantled with fabric as protection against dirt and dust. Furthermore, the tables on which the computers stand were repaired.



Equipping the Primary School

At Ambikapur Primary School, school materials were lacking, because not all parents are able to provide their children the necessary items.

With donations from Schools In Ambikapur, 600 exercise books, 600 ball point pens, 200 packs of coloured pencils, 200 pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, a blackboard and other school materials were bought in 2013.

In 2014, too, providing materials for the primary school will be the main focus of out support for the school children of Ambikapur.


Dance and music group 

In 2013, members of the SchoolsIn-projects' dance and music group at Ambikapur High School have won first prize for their performance at Bangladesh's state championship.







Support for Brishti, student at Faridpur's secondary school (2013-2014)

17 year old Brishti's family lives on an island in the river close to Ambikapur.
In the larger rivers of Bangladesh, mud or alluvial soil often builds up to form larger islands that are in turn inhabited and cultivated by farmers.
These islands are called chars and can vanish again at the change of the river's course.
The farmers' crops are usually just enough to feed a family.

Daughters of poorer families are usually married early to provide for them and to prevent them becoming a burden to their family.

Attending a primary school is possible on the island, but in general not considered essential in a girl's life - after getting married, they usually leave school.

Brishti's family decided to send her to school permanently - possibly in part due to the partial amputation of her right arm after an accident, and her resulting disqualification for most farm work.

Right now, she is attending a secondary school in Faridpur, the district capital, and wants to graduate at the end of her 12th year.
After she failed finals in her first try, she will redo them this year.

Schools In supports Brishti's tenacity and intention to reach her goal, financing her stays in Faridpur, her learning materials, and additional lessons or tutoring.
If she, after succeeding with her graduation, wants to continue her education, we will continue our support.

Good luck, Brishti!