Projects 2015

Opening of a small music school in Ambikapur with support from the district exchange Treptow-Koepenick

This year, our long-standing wish for a traditional music school in Ambikapur could finally be fulfilled.

This year, our long-standing wish for a traditional music school in Ambikapur could finally be fulfilled. Thanks to the outstanding work of our music teacher Mrs Tripti, Schools In in cooperation with our bengal partner organization managed to rent a small house with a ten-year lease on good conditions. It is situated on museum grounds honoring the bengalese author Jasim Uddin and has enough open-air space to hold concert events.

It has only one room, but for the moment, this is sufficient for the current demands regarding lessons and class sizes. Schools In Ambikapur e.V. has renovated the building and the district exchange Treptow-Köpenick has supported the bill for musical instruments with 710€. Cuurently, 22 children are being instructed in music there by Mrs Roy and Mr Rufiq.

Also, a drawing and painting class for 12 children takes place there, led by Mrs Tuli. Our goal is to create a cultural meeting point within the town of Ambikapur. Our bengal partner organization Palle Kobi Jassimuddin Sriti Sangho supports this by organizing cultural events there, honoring bengalese musicians and writers, and plans for theatrical activities.

An important reason for choosing this location was the fact that the museum itself already attracts plenty of visitors from all over the country, which will constitute a ready-made audience for activities of the music school, and bring publicity for the schools projects.


Support of more children at Ambikapur elementary school

2015, we could make it possible for 15 more children to visit the elementary school.

To enable this, another class for accompanying elementary education was started. Mrs Sultana and Mrs Akter are sharing the monthly lessons and supervision between them.

ll 15 children received a school uniform, a satchel and school materials. Fortunately, we could also finance part of the elementary school's yearly supplies or school materials.



 Cooperation contract with bengal partner organization

This year, Schools In Ambikapur e.V. has signed a partnership contract with Palle Kobi Jassimuddin Sriti Sangho, a bengal cultural organization founded in 1986.

They will take over the organization of cultural activities at the new music school and its open air grounds.