The Ambikapur School Project

Travelling through Bangladesh in 2011 we visited Dr. Jamal Anwar - whom we knew from Germany - in his home town of Ambikapur, district Faridpur. At Ambikapur Mr. Anwar organizes a small non- profit organisation for replacing of old arsenic poisoned tube wells with new arsenic free wells (

Jasim Uddin Museum in Ambikapur is also managed by Mr. Anwar. Together with Dr. Anwar we visited the local Primary School for children aged 6 to 11as well as the High School for children aged 12 to 17 years.

Primary School with children

While consulting the directors and teachers of both schools, we learned of the problems facing the children of poorest families.

We spontaneously decided to support 15 children for the beginning within our means.

For this purpose we decided to establish a small school project  "Schools In".

With time we gradually hope to increase the number of children of poor family background at Ambikapur schools.




Director with the teachers Mrs. Ritu and Mr. Hashan

As of 2013, 44 children are attending Ambikapur Primary and High School within and thanks to the framework of our schooling project.

Four competent teachers (mr Hashan, mr Rashid, mr Opaidur and mrs Ritu) were hired to ensure continued extra tutoring aside from regular school hours.

Mr Hashan and mrs Ritu have good English skills, and they are our direct contacts in all matters concerning the school.

Every two months teachers send us a written progress update.

Learning on Computers in Highschool Ambikapur

Text books and student materials are provided free of charge if required.

Mr Hashan was additionally given the task of starting a computer class at the High School.

At the moment, 20 students are being introduced to the basics of working with computers. For this, there are 16 computers at hand.






This enables the Highschool to offer computer classes to children from the 7th grade on.

Still, as the computers are quite old, they unfortunately need many repairs.







A music teacher (Mrs. Roy) was also employed by "Schools In" Project to foster and preserve traditional music.

This way a talented student in future might have an additional opportunity for small employment.

A better furnishing of Ambikapur Primary School including tables, benches and lesson materials is our aim for the years of 2012 and 2013.

This was the occasion for the foundation of a small music school in Ambikapur in spring 2015 by Schools In Ambikapur e.V. and and our Bengal partner organization Palle Kobi Jassimuddin Sriti Sangho, with support of the local communal authorities of Treptow-Koepenick/Berlin (see Projects 2015).


Our coordinator in Ambikapur, Mr. Pius D`Costa, is supporting our local partners in meeting our mutual goals and keeps us updated about progress in situ.